Super Neon Drifter is a two player co-op car action game set in a retro futuristic 1980's world developed for PC in two weeks usingUnreal Engine 4. The game was made by a team of Four Artists and Three Designers. This project was part of my education atFuturegames where the goal was to make a vehicle based game in four weeks. I worked as a vehicle/environment and post process artist on  the project.

In Super Neon Drifter two players work together to control an ever evolving vehicle. One player takes on the role of the driver, controlling the acceleration and steering of the vehicle whilst one player becomes the gunner, commanding an array of weapons. Together they blast through a looping track whilst they try to achieve the highest score and compete with their friends on the local leaderboards. 

Super Neon Drifter was nominated for and won "Best Execution in Art" at the 2016 Swedish Game Awards.